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“In everything we do, we believe in the goodness of people, in young people’s potential. We believe the world is full of heroes who stand in shadow. We also think there are others who really want to act, but don't have the courage to take the first step, probably because they feel lonely.

That's why we challenge power, selfishness, apathy and indifference, to create companies which build engagement with thousands of people who really want to change the world and who never give up.”

Gianni Baggio

Who says that a company, to be successful, has to earn at the

expense of others ?

Who says that if you want to spare you have to do it at the expense of something you don't feel yours, destroying the planet where you live?

Can it be written in human hearts?

Yes, it can often be.

But not in mine.


We produce professional custom drones sustainably.



ecommerce della solidarietà
professional drone UP caeli via
sustainable fashion company

To be continued...

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