P-Sentry professional VTOL drone


VTOL fixed wing UAV

Industrial grade UAV for large area mapping, precision agricolture, surveillance and search and rescue operations

D-Sentry can be adopted for many application fields. It has been specifically designed for large area operations, in particular for precision agricolture: the UAV, in fact, is capable to cover an area up to 500 ha with a single charge of the battery pack.

The integrated interchangeable payload system let to install most of the small sensors and cameras available in the market: optical, thermal and multispectral cameras can be easily located on the UAV.

D-Sentry is a high performance VTOL UAS that can be easily transported thanks to the smallest flight case for its category. The high efficiency cruise mode let the operator to perform long range and extended flight missions, letting the D-Sentry to be the cutting edge UAS for the professional drone solutions market.