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Interested in joining the global network of UP partners?

Please fill out our initial questionnaire.
Our staff will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Option 1:

Referral Agent

(Investments not required)

This is the first step to be exclusive reseller.

It allows both Your company and UP to assess if working together will be mutually rewarding.

Low profit percentage on resold UP products.

Option 2:

UP Reseller

UP reseller have a minimum quantity to put in a physical storage and have to be trained by UP in order to be updated about all the option of UP UAS.

The profit is higher and depends on the quantity on stock.

Option 3:

UP Exclusive Area Reseller

To be an EAR, you need to guarantee a minimum quantity in the year and several actions to improve the diffusion of UP products. This package do not allow the sales of other UAV brand.

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