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Financial solutions

Thanks to the experience gained in the field of capital goods,

UP offers you ideal financial solutions to help you on your new drone's purchasing.

If you've been in business for more than 24 months, click the button below to request a financial plan.


Liquidity and financial benefit
Leasing, unlike purchasing, allows the customer to preserve capital and to maintain credit margins towards banks and suppliers. As a commercial contract, not a financial contract, leasing does not affect credit lines and does not impact the risk center.

Simple management and tax benefit
The leased goods, being owned by the lessor, are not included among the goods inscribed in the balance sheet and the customer therefore has no depreciation obligations. The rent for the client constitutes a service cost. The installments are fully tax deductible.

Security in planning
Lease payments are fixed costs, not variable during the entire duration of the contract. This allows the customer to simplify cost planning, and manage fees through automated payments (Sepa) that are not subject to collection costs.

Technology always updated
The duration of the contact is preferably commensurate with the useful life of the contract goods, promoting the possibility of technological renewal, contrasting the obsolescence of the assets.

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