KUR - 400

The most compact drone of its class

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Perfect for Inspections and Photogrammetry , KUR-400 is the most advanced and compact drone in 4kg range. Its folding system grants maximum portability in just one backpack.

Stunning Performance

Our R&D Team has interviewed the best professionals service companies to find which type of payloads are the best solution for these applications, and here it is our selection 


Max Payload 1kg

Gremsy MIO 360 view.gif

Gremsy MIO 3 Axis Gimbal

Gremsy Pixy WP 3 Axis Gimbal


Inspections - SAR

ADTi 26MP APS-C Mapping Camera.png

ADTi 26 Mp APS-C Mapping Camera Surveyor Lite 2

Teledyne Flir Hadron 640R raw.png

Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R

Inspections - SAR


Workswell WIRIS Pro

Mapping - Agriculture


MicaSense Altum PT

If our selection doesn't meet your requirements, ask for a custom solution!

Wonderfully Crafted


Carbon fiber frame
The drone frame is built with high modulus carbon fiber sheets and rods, merged with the new technology of carbon forged components. This gives a lightweight frame with unique design.

High quality propulsion system
Motors and propellers are chosen from T-Motor, one of the best company in UAV propulsion systems in the world.


Herelink 2 Ground Control Station
Our drones are standard equipped with this Radio Control. With MAVLink protocol,  makes easy access to all your informations and a fast integration with different technical devices (Cameras, sensors...).

RTK Positioning System
State of the art of positioning systems, RTK guarantee high precision localization


Data Transmission

12 km


350 x 250 x 490 mm


UP to 1 kg

Flight Time

36 min.

Operative Temperature

-10 °C to + 40 °C


4 kg

Wind Speed

Closed Overall Dimensions

15 m/s

464 x 464 x 80 mm

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