“We believe in people's goodness and in the youth's potential for all the things we do.

We do believe the world is full of hidden heroes acting without being noticed. We think that there are some who would really like to act but they lack the courage or because they feel left alone in their struggle.

These are the reasons why we challenge selfishness, apathy  and the traditional conception of power. We challenge the spreading indifference by establishing enterprises that will involve thousands of passionate, enduring people that do believe in improving our world.“

Gianni Baggio

Who says that to be successful, a company has to earn to the

detriment of others ?

Who says that, if you can save, you'll have to do that to the detriment of something you do not consider yours and, as a consequence, destroing the enviroment you live in ?

May it be written in men’s heart ?

Yes, it may often be.

But not in mine.


We make the best professional custom drone with sustainable ideas.


ecommerce della solidarietà
professional drone UP caeli via
sustainable fashion company

To be continued...

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