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When your payload is very expensive, probably you have considered an alternative optional to fly safe.

GBS 10/150

  • Weight of ballistic rescue system GBS 10 g 405
    Recommended operating weight UAV Kg mag-15
    Allowed never exceed speed for use (VNE) Slider* Km/h 80
    time of canopy opening (+0,5s to full filling chute) for height 0-1500 AMSL sec. 0,5
    Height of rescue for height 0-1500 AMSL m 5
    Descending for height 0 AMSL m/s 3,7-6,1
    Impact energy J 35-380
    Method ejection   Ballistic device
    tested by VUT Brno Yes...Yes
    VZLÚ Praha
    Number of lines and panels   7
    Nominal diameter m 2
    The central cord   Yes
    Slider   No
    Ballistic device    
    Activator   pyrogenerator
    Operating temperature   -20°C až +40°C
    Dimensions   ø100 x 110
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