The flattest large drone in the world

Compact to be portable and flat to allow payload installation on top and below the fuselage

KUR-1000PRO is the full-optional version of the KUR-1000 UAS. Adopted in many applications thanks to its versatility and ease of usage, KUR-1000PRO fits any kind of payload, tools and equipment mounted on the top or below the fuselage, integrating advanced features such as retractable landing gear, obstacle avoidance sensors in all directions, vertical Lidar sensor and many others. 

Improved flight performance and high loading capability allow the operator to work continuously for the most demanding missions.

KUR-1000PRO is designed to be compact and ready to fly in few minutes. The flight case is the smallest and easiest to transport for such kind of heavy drone.


Obstacle avoidance sensors in all directions


Altitude LIDAR for precision landing, terrain following, automatic delivery positioning

Double RTK GPS
Triple magnetometer
Vertical flow camera for position control with no GPS signal

Anchor points for propeller guards or special payloads


150° tiltable FPV camera

Retractable landing gear