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Security Guard using Walkie Talkie
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BLUVEC's anti-drone systems

- an unusual yet functional partnership

We know that a drone-manufacturer company shouldn't be partnering with what counters their machines.

So, why then?

Well, in our way of doing things ethically, we want people to be safe and we are perfectly contious that drones might be used in a wrong way.

That's why we want to give people the chance to stop this wrong usage.

Note: the following products work also with every other drone brand 

So, here's what we are talking about:

The BluSensor 


This beauty right here is built to passively detect and identify drones in variable range from 2km (A1000) to 5km (A2000) to 10km (A8000).

It can be integrated with other security systems and can be installed outdoors - no need to worry about the weather.

If you need to have a mobile protection solution, simply attach it to a vehicle and go, Bluvec sensors can detect UP to 30 drones simultaneously.


The BluCam

And lastly, you have your new eyes.

This 360° camera is able to detect and track drones. It automatically scans and searches the surroundings and raises the alarm when a drone is found.

In addition to identifying, it will also track and record visual evidence of airspace intrusions.


The Blucase P5000

A nice and portable solution for early-warning, drone detection, identification and location of the drone and pilot. The monitoring data stream enables users to respond.

Suitable for events, public safety, VIP security and many more. It provides central monitoring, command, and investigative capabilities.


Need more information? Download the full catalogue:

You like one (or more) in particular and what to get one?

Tell us, and we'll procede with the purchase procedure:

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